Share comp downloads and purchases

Access your team members’ purchased files, and view your team’s comps directly from your team drop-down menu. You can even see the history behind each clip or photo by reviewing who downloaded or purchased files, and when.

With the Dissolve Priority program you can also review, access and download your team’s unwatermarked comps.

Share quotes

Stick to your budget, and keep your clients (and accountants) happy with quotes you can share. Now you can review past quotes or share new ones directly from your team drop-down menu.

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Manage your team members

Let your creative team run wild, while you keep an eye on it all. Add your colleagues, assign permissions and review quotes without missing a beat.

Big agency? With Dissolve Priority you can also grant your team members access to full-size unwatermarked comps and the ability to pay by invoice.

Team folders

Folders are even better! You can create, see, and manage all team folders (and research requests from Dissolve) for seamless collaboration.

You can leave comments on the folder to keep track of your notes and communicate with members in the folder.

Team chat graphic V2

Team chat

Start chatting with your team seamlessly. You can now talk to your entire team at once, or directly with one person. Access your chat button in any settings page.